Meet Our Team





About our Team at Rhode Island Auto Recovery and Transport


The office team possess excellent communication skills and are customer service driven and always conduct themselves in a professional demeanor at all times.

With a combined team effort,  experience of our office staff and field recovery drivers, we are able to accomplish our recoveries in a smooth, safe, and timely manner. The 2 way walkie talkie devices allow instant communication between the office and field team, allowing each member of our team on the "same page" and up-to-date on each and every repo assignment.


Our new and innovative software allows us to:


1) Organize recovery's under the correct lien-holder and distinguishes the repossessions that are complete from those that are outstanding;


2) Organize repossession photos in accordance with the assignment, assignment date , date of recovery and under the assigning lien holder;


3) Generate and keep track of Conditions & Inventory Reports on all Repossessions;


4) Generate Notice of Seizure which is then printed, fully executed and sent to the debtor within 24 hours of the repossession;


5) Prepare Inventory Reports to ensure correct inventorying, added safety and greater vehicle contents accountability.


By utilizing the latest software in computer technology combined with the training and usage of the safest and most modern/state-of-the-art recovery tow and carrier equipment, we have established a safe, secure, effective, and timely method of vehicle and equipment recovery. Our knowledgeable and skilled team here at R.I.A.C Transport and Recovery Services are able to track and trace the most elusive of individuals and property any where in the tri-state service area, which includes Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Southern Massachusetts.


Meet Our Field Recovery Agents


Freddy, A five year Certified asset recovery specialist with severe knowledge on how to recover a problem debtor.

Chris M.

Chris has 7 years experience in the asset recovery industry from scooters atv's right up to Tractor Trailers!