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 The owner of P&P Towing and Recovery, Paul Raimondo, was born into a successful Autobody and Sales Company and Towing Business established in 1971. He began driving Tow trucks in the tow yard at the tender age of 14! Without permission of course! But on a more serious note, due to his exposure of the Auto and Towing Industry since he was a young child who rode along side of his father, he has become extremely knowledgeable as well as talented in many aspects of the Automobile Sales, repair and towing Industry and is well known in his service area for his Towing and Repo success. His official towing experience began in 1989 when he began as a towing operator, towing for several local Police Departments, including the Warwick, West Warwick and Coventry Police Departments.

He has exceptional experience in accident recovery for local and State municipalities. since 1992. His repossession experience began with the "in-house-financing" of the vehicles that were sold under his management of the family Auto Sales Business, P&P Auto Sales, established in 1971.

In 1994 he began RI AUTO RECOVERY LLC, WWW.RIAUTORECOVERY.COM, doing repossessions for other local used car dealerships in the Warwick, Coventry, W. Warwick and Cranston areas of Rhode Island. He has been a successful business owner and manager in the automobile sales, repossessions, and towing industry since 1994.

Owner Name & Info: Paul Raimondo - Approximately 18 years of verifiable towing history and repossession experience. No criminal history. No history of past or present law suits.