Coverage Area




Location & Safety Info:

We are conveniently located in Central Rhode Island's Kent County area, which is within 2 miles of Rt. 95. Our coverage area includes all of Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Our office building is centrally located in West Warwick, Rhode Island and is adjacent to our gaited and locked storage lot. In addition to being gaited, pad-locked secured, and well lit, we also have the comfort and peace of mind by having installed a 24 hour continuous video surveillance and TV monitoring system.


A Fast, Safe, and Damage-Free Recovery

Rhode Island Auto Recovery, P&P Recovery understands that the key to a Fast, Safe, and Damage-Free Recovery begins with the 32 years of combined experience in the Towing and Recovery Industry, that is proudly held by our team of well-trained repo-operators. In addition to the aquired knowledge and experience used in the field, we also know by our record of proven success, that by using our skip-trace techniques and the preparations and planning, set forth by our skilled office team, along with using these (3) important steps, including: 1) the right approach, 2) the right equipment, 3) at the right time, ensures an outcome that includes both safety and success.