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About our Company


          P&P Towing and Recovery Service is a professional Asset Recovery and Transport Service Company. We provide collateral recovery, asset recovery and repossession services for lenders and lien holders.

We are dedicated to providing prompt and affordable Repossession Services to Banks, Finance Companys, both New and Used Car Dealerships, and other types of Lenders, Loan Companys and Financial Institutions.

Our goal is asset recovery for our lenders and lienholders, who's borrowers have left them with little or no option other than the unfortunate "last resort" decision to recover or repossess the collateral, such as an automobile, truck, trucking equipment, etc. We understand that these unfortunate situations do occur where the borrower has stopped making payments yet continue to hold onto the collateral in which they have avoided making any payments on or establishing payment arrangements with the lien-holder. And even worse, through experience we also know that most of these borrowers have gone weeks and sometimes months avoiding the phone calls made to them by the lender in order to resolve or discuss payment arrangements which may have resulted in remedying the situation by saving the vehicle from repossession. This is a typical example of a situation where we feel our Company and the services we provide to our Clients, will be of value to your Financial Institution or Lending Department. We here at P&P Recovery and Transport Services realize that by the time a decision, such as "repossession of a vehicle" is made, hundreds, even thousands of dollars have already been "lost" and may never be completely recovered. For this reason, we understand that the additional cost of paying a Repossession Company is like "adding salt to the wound", so to speak. We realize that this is yet just another part of the financial loss that is incurred when a borrower defaults on his/her loan obligation. At this point we understand just how important it is for you to gain possession of the collateral, both affordably, and in a timely fashion.


How Confident are we?

How confident are we that we will locate and gain possession of your collateral quickly/timely? Our experience and superior skiptrace techniques employed by us have had such proven success rates, that we work on a contingency basis only. This means that we do NOT bill or charge you for any repossession assignment in which we are not successful. Therefore we here at P&P are motivated to work vigorously on your behalf, to gain possession and control of your collateral as quickly and safely as possible. Our deep understanding of the nature of your business is why we are confident in stating that, by using our Services, you can also feel confident in us, knowing, that not only do we value your business, but we also understand and appreciate the VALUE of the collateral that we recover for you. This is why we go above and beyond to ensure the automobile (for example) remains in its best possible condition. We also offer pre-auction and/or pre-sale automobile re-conditioning services.

From the moment the vehicle is recovered, it is transported back to our storage facility where our drivers are trained to be particularly mindful and attentive to securing careful placement of the vehicle so that it is sure to be kept safe and in its best possible condition while it is in our possession.

You can trust in our Company by knowing we hire only the most experienced recovery operators in the business. We are proud to say that we exercise stringent hiring practices. This not only helps keep the cost of our business down, but also in effect, helps to keep our pricing competitive and affordable to our clients, like you.




1) a. Advanced Level Recovery Towing; ( 20 hr. seminar) b. Advanced Level Towing; (20 hr. seminar)

2) Light & Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery Certifications (2 day seminar)

3) Certified Asset Recovery Specialist (C.A.R.S) NATIONAL CERTIFICATION PROGRAM.


5) RCS Asset Recovery Agent Certification http://www.recoverycompliance.com/asset-repossession-agents-certification.php

Section II

Type of Services Provided:

We specialize in automobile and light to heavy duty truck recoveries, including but not limited to:

Automobile, Light Duty and Heavy Duty Truck Repossessions;

Construction Equipment Repossessions;

Heavy Equipment Repossessions;

Semi Truck Repossessions;

Enclosed Trailers, Campers and RV's

We offer a wide range of services including bank repossessions, light to heavy duty towing and recovery, lock out service, roadside assistance, underwater recovery, car carrier service, and long distance carrier service.


Auction Transport Services:

We also provide 7 day / 24 hour automobile and light to heavy duty truck transport services. We are able to transport repossessed vehicles, automobiles, trucks, equipment, etc. to any of the Auctions within our Tri-State service area of Rhode Island, Massachusetts & Connecticut. We have established working relationship with; Ocean State Auto Auction, Framingham Auction, Southern Auto Auction; Manheim Auction; Quincy Auto Auction, etc. We are also able to provide towing to and from, Salvage Auctions.


Miscellaneous Service Info:

Contingent Repossession Company - No Results = No Fee

Free Vehicle Photographs and Condition Report;

$1,000,000.00 Towing & Repossession Insurance;

All drivers properly experienced, Licensed and Insured;

Skip Tracing experience & techniques proven to work, resulting in finding even the most allusive of individuals;

Fast, Safe & affordable repossessions;

Modern/State of the art equipment including a 6 Car Carrier, making it possible to repossess and transport up to 6 vehicles at once;

Locksmith Services;

Auction Services: including pre-sale auto Reconditioning & Transportation to most New England Auctions;

Use of the latest Computer Software Programs for Accurate & Organized Inventory and Condition Reports that are quickly and conveniently emailed directly to our Lenders and/or Financial Institutions;


Section III

State's Repossession Laws:

We know that by education, training and strict enforcement of our Company's safety policies and practices and adhering to the legal standards, along with the strict enforcement of safety policies and procedures our repossession agents have also been trained to recognize a potentially threatening situation and knowledgeable enough to know when to avoid a situations where accusations of illegal repossession and trespassing could be made. Each State's Repossession Laws are strictly followed. Repossession of any collateral is always obtained in the most peaceful manner.

Legal and hassle-free repossession:

In addition to the ability to recover most every type of automotive vehicle, we are also able to provide asset recovery for heavy duty trucks and trucking equipment, including sanders, plows, enclosed trailers, etc. No hassle repos of light to heavy duty construction equipment due to Key Code access to most John Deer, Bobcat, Skid Steers, Forklifts and other construction equipment. Choosing the right repo service is a must to ensure a legal and hassle-free repossession.


Section IV

Safety and Hiring policies:


Rules and Enforcement:

1. Background Checks are conducted on each applicant of P&P Recovery and Transport Services, through the W.W.R.I. Police Department. Any potential employee who has a criminal record containing ANY felony convictions, or crimes of violence or theft are immediately denied any position in the Company. Hiring just one individual that has been convicted of theft or larceny OR hiring an applicant that is potentially violent, leaves an opportunity and very high likelihood for potential lawsuits. This is not a chance we are willing to take.

2. Employees of P&P Recovery Services are not permitted to carry guns or firearms of any type. This rule is strictly and emphatically enforced without exception. Any employee found carrying a firearm will be terminated immediately and reported to law enforcement officials.

3. Copies of the driving records of all potential tow truck operator hirees are requested at the time of application and reviewed at the 2nd scheduled interview for employment by P& P Transport and Recovery Services. This is done in order to decrease the risk of property damage and/or injuries potentiated by an "at risk" driver.


Location & Safety Info:

We are conveniently located in Central Rhode Island's Kent County area, which is within 2 miles of Rt. 95. Our coverage area includes all of Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Our office building is centrally located in West Warwick, Rhode Island and is adjacent to our gaited and locked storage lot. In addition to being gaited, pad-locked secured, and well lit, we also have the comfort and peace of mind by having installed a 24 hour continuous video surveillance and TV monitoring system.


A Fast, Safe, and Damage-Free Recovery

P&P Transport and Recovery Services understands that the key to a Fast, Safe, and Damage-Free Recovery begins with the 32 years of combined experience in the Towing and Recovery Industry, that is proudly held by our team of well-trained repo-operators. In addition to the aquired knowledge and experience used in the field, we also know by our record of proven success, that by using our skip-trace techniques and the preparations and planning, set forth by our skilled office team, along with using these (3) important steps, including: 1) the right approach, 2) the right equipment, 3) at the right time, ensures an outcome that includes both safety and success.


Section VI

Equipment: State of the Art:

As we mentioned above, one of the keys to a smooth and successful repossession job, is the use of modern / up-to-date equipment. We own 2 tow trucks, which are considered by the industry, to be, the most modern and most valuable in repo technology. They are commonly referred to and known as the "self-loading wrecker" or the integrated lift. This is a wheel-lift system that can be controlled from inside the truck and deployed with
hydraulic power. As the truck backs up to the target vehicle, a long arm, called a stinger, extends out along the pavement behind the truck. The leading edge of the wheel cradles contact the tires as the other side of the cradle slides under the vehicle, just past the tire. The brackets can then be closed via hydraulics, cradling the tires on both sides. The tow boom is lifted, the drive wheels come off the ground and the tow truck can pull away. Our experienced recovery men are able to approach a vehicle, hook up the towing apparatus, and drive off within approximately 9-12 seconds -- all without ever having to leave the cab of the truck.

(2) Self loading Tow Trucks

(4) Flatbed Tow Trucks

(1) heavy duty wrecker

And a - 4-6 Car Carrier